Have you always wanted Solid Soaps delivered monthly to your door? Do you know a Solid Soaps lover and want to gift them a subscription service? Now you can!

With a Solid Soapscription, you'll get 2 curated soaps/month for 3 months and priority access to the latest Solid Soaps seasonal products. Shipping is also included for all Solid Soapscriptions! You'll be saving about $10/month with a Solid Soapscription. 

$60 + tax for 3 months.
You will be prompted to renew every 3 months unless you decide to cancel.

Click here to start your Solid Soapscription!

Let me know in the comments section (when you're checking out) what kind of scents you prefer and dislike. You can also make suggestions! This will give me an idea of what kind of soaps to send you each month.

I will mail out soaps every first Wednesday or Thursday of the month.

Soaps will arrive at your door based on USPS Ground Advantage shipping times.

Frequently asked questions:

May I choose what goes into my Solid Soapscription each month? Kind of. Please list any specifics in the comments section upon purchase. Otherwise, we will send you a set of curated soaps each month. You can follow along my Instagram for the options and message us if you see something you'd like!

Can I subscribe outside of the US? Unfortunately we only offer shipping within the US.

May I put my Solid Soapscription service on hold? We are asking you to commit for 3 months. However, we might be able to batch ship your soaps (send more than one month's worth at once) with enough notice.

Can I get a refund? No, but you can get an Amen! I'm kidding. We do not offer refunds or exchanges, but please contact us if you're having issues with your order.