Emlyn Roesler (she/her) - Founder and soap maker

Kumusta po (hello)!


Emlyn Roesler aka Soap Lady of Austin


My name is Emlyn, and I’m the soap lady behind Solid Soaps. The idea for soapmaking started in 2013 when I wanted to make presents for Christmas. I bought a melt-and-pour kit from the craft store, and I cut out fun shapes with cookie cutters. I made John a T-rex soap with a red heart. :)

That M&P soap I gifted in 2013 was made with all the love I put into my cold-process soaps now. Only now I actually use science (and maybe a little magic) to make my creations.

Solid Soaps came to fruition in April 2018. Since then, I’ve committed to this business wholeheartedly, with full intention of delivering to you luxurious bars of soap made with minimal waste, packaged with recycled and/or compostable materials, and conscious of the environment.

I create consciously-crafted soaps using the cold process method. I use phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, natural colorants, and botanicals to make my soaps. I hand-measure all of my ingredients and design my soaps with simplicity in mind.

I made the decision to soap full-time in 2021, and my last day as a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) in general cardiology / congestive heart failure was April 29, 2021. As much as I loved my job and cardiac patients, I felt like I was ready to do something different. Circumstances at work made 2021 the perfect opportunity.

The idea behind the name, Solid Soaps, is from a doodle I made on June 15, 2008 while waiting for John to finish work! It’s of my right hand (because I’m left handed).

Artisan soap changes a mundane task into a luxurious ritual, making it the perfect, practical, and consumable gift. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your daily routine.

Bar soap is here to stay, people! Make it worthwhile.

Besos, Emlyn

PS: Check out my press page! I've never been on TV or in print until I founded Solid Soaps, so I'm mighty excited to share these with you.


Claire Patrick (she/her) - Solid Soaps assistant extraordinaire


Claire Patrick - Solid Soaps assistant extraordinaire


Claire has been working with Solid Soaps since late-March 2023. Previously in interior design and home staging, burnout had her seeking new, creative opportunities. Originally from Tyler, TX, she has lived in Austin with her husband, Chance, for 16 years.


Claire helps with all the hands-on things: cutting soap, beveling, labeling, sorting, stamping, printing, delivering soaps to local B+Ms, packaging orders, quality control, etc. She seriously can do it all. I make the soaps, and she makes them presentable to the customer. Chances are your soap orders have been graced by Claire's hands.


Salina (she/they) and Priscilla (she/her) - Solid Scents candle makers

I've collaborated with the owners of Litty Bean to create Solid Scents candles. Litty Bean is a Queer, POC, Women Owned and Operated Business. This dynamic cousin duo creates fun soy candles with cheeky humor -