You Belong Among the Wildflowers

The concept of growing a small business organically is difficult. It can be painfully slow. It’s also a romantic idea.

Unlike rapid expansions fueled by external funding, organic growth is about sustainable development. But how, you ask? Here’s a broad answer: customer-centric strategies.

1. Cultivate your roots.
Like a sapling needs strong roots to flourish, your small business needs a solid foundation. Take the time to understand your market, customers, and industry. By starting small and learning from every step, you'll build a resilient foundation that can weather any storm.

Example: When I had the idea for Solid Soaps, I gave soap out to friends and family and asked for honest feedback. I also asked what kind of scents they like, what kind of soap they currently use, etc.

2. Pour into your customers.
Organic growth comes from strong customer relationships. Satisfied customers become loyal brand advocates, spreading the word and attracting new clientele your way. Go that extra mile. Exceed expectations. Be memorable. Listen to their needs, value their feedback, and tailor your products or services accordingly.

Example: Solid Soaps *used to* have animal fat in our soap. It wasn’t until I did a poll on Instagram did I realize that going plant-based satisfies most of my customers. I also have an essential oil line for my customers who want 100% natural soap.

3. Thrive with what you have.
Organic growth involves efficient utilization of existing resources. By carefully managing cash flow, streamlining processes, and identifying cost-effective solutions, your business can grow in a sustainable manner and avoid excessive debt or unnecessary risks. Growth fueled by your own efforts is the sweetest and most sustainable kind!

Example: Buying ingredients in bulk significantly helped reduce the cost of supplies. Minimal packaging is also part of Solid Soaps' branding.

4. Blossom with Innovation.
Embrace creativity! Organic growth means you have to continuously innovate and adapt to evolving trends. Keep things fresh. Try something new. This will give you the competitive edge.

Example: My customers wanted soap minis, so I now offer minis at popups and online. I created Solid Sampler Sets for this fall and the holiday season. I’m currently in the process of creating a custom wooden soap box travel kit so you can take your Solid Soaps wherever you go! I’m trying to develop a good solid lotion recipe.

5. Bloom together.

You don’t have to go at this alone. Collaborations can open doors to new resources and markets. Surround yourself with a supportive network that shares your vision and values.

Example: Networking with small business owners and establishing a rapport with local artisans has helped Solid Soaps grow in so many ways. This is why Solid Soaps is successful… I personally can’t do this without my support system. It's so beneficial to bounce ideas off of one another, seek advice, and also give your expertise to fellow small business owners.

These are my opinions on how to grow a small business. It may be slow, it sure is rewarding. Slow growth also my way to minimize burnout... grow too fast, and it's overwhelming.

My goals may also be different than yours! I am not looking to franchise. My current goal is to have Solid Soaps running like a well-oiled machine by May 2024 so that I can holiday in Spain with my family for the summer. :)

Happy to discuss more of Solid Soaps' growth with you! Leave me a comment or question below.

Have a SOLID day.


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