CNS to Soapmaker

Quit your day job as an advanced practice nurse in cardiology and become a full-time soapmaker, said no one ever.


Jk. probably a handful of nurses have said that. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it’d me, though! This post is a glimpse of my thought process and making my life-changing career change.


April 29, 2021 was my LAST DAY of work as a clinical nurse specialist (CNS). That’s a 14 year nursing career, 11.5 years as an APN. Boom. And I said goodbye to it all.


I switched careers at the most perfect time in not only MY life, but also the path of the cardiology practice. The cardiologist I was working with needed someone who could work more hours, have a background in mechanical circulatory support (aka VADs, ECMO, and other fancy medical acronyms), and basically help him take the practice to the next level. As much as I love learning new things and supported the changes in the practice, I knew it wouldn’t be me to take on this challenging role. Why? Honestly, I didn’t want to work more hours – how ironic that I’ll gladly pull 18+ hour days with my small business. Hah!


Working as a CNS in cardiology / congestive heart failure during the day, switching hats to be a mom and wife at home, but also constantly wearing a small-business hat was f’in T I R I N G. It was especially rough from Oct – Dec 2020 because it was the holiday season for soapmaking AND it’s also the busiest time for cardiology as well (various reasons).


My body felt it: I put my fitness as a lesser priority (very much unlike me), I had significantly less sleep, more stress, and consequently had high blood pressure. There were a couple of times in Dec 2020 where I felt despair, extra stressed, and overwhelmed, and I’d just start crying. Whoa, this is NOT like me! I kept telling myself that all I had to do was push through the December / holiday rush, and I can “relax” in January 2021.


Much to my chagrin, that never happened for Solid Soaps! In late-December / early-January 2021, I got a few large wholesale orders, and I also was accepted to a few local shops in Austin. I was ecstatic, but worn thin. I’m 100% grateful for all of the business success of Solid Soaps, and I’m absolutely not complaining. This was an awesome problem to have, but I could not keep up the demand for Solid Soaps and maintain my sanity.


All of my loquacious blogging has lead me to this realization: you do you, booboo!

If it’s time to change, then freaking change!

Don’t let others tell you what’s best for you. Listen to sound advice, but make your own decisions.

Think logically, but also with your heart. Or your gut. Or both!


I know in my heart (and gut) I made the right decision for me. Here I am, 6 months later, and I’m still standing and looking forward to the next 6 months. I’ve found joy in what I do, and now I get to share my joy full-time with you.


Have SOLID day, friends.


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